The Approach

Co-incidence customized approach

Co-incidence holistic methodology combines rational, emotional and intuitive dimensions. I take you as your unique self, with your individual history, beliefs, uncertainties, and energy levels. Together we will seek out your empowering solutions to deliver your wished results.

The three steps approach designed by Co-incidence is based on a reliable and structured process, combining rational and intuitive tools such as Intuition development, Transactional analysis, NLP, Gestalt, Systemic approach, etc…

This customized approach will help you crystallize your objectives, to chart the path forward to make it real, and communicate it with confidence.

Step 1

What do you  want?

Step 2

How do you  want to make it happen?

Step 3

How do you  communicate and position yourself?

INtro Session

No strings attached

Every coaching journey with Co-incidence starts with an intro session, on-site or on-line. This is the opportunity for us to exchange about your current and wished situation, as well as the coaching approach and methodology. This usually last 45-60 mins, free of charge. It’s only if we both feel like working together afterwards that we plan the first coaching session (90 mins).

  • On-site or online
  • 45-60 mins
  • Free of charge
  • Mutual agreement
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