About Co-incidence

“I am passionate about people and supporting my clients to find or update their most optimal professional situation.

After 15 years experience in corporate communications, I have worked exclusively as a professional coach since 2015. I am specialized in Intuition Development, which is incorporated into my coaching and training approach. My work with individuals helps them perceive and clarify their true professional wishes and how they want to make it happen. The objective is then to communicate about in an authentic, professional and fluid way. My role is to accelerate this fulfilling process in a reliable way.”

– Charlotte Frederiksen, Founder of Co-incidence


Professional Coach
& Intuition Trainer

  • 15 years in fast-paced international environments in corporate communications
  • Working exclusively as a professional coach and intuition trainer since 2015

Fluent in both English and French, I am certified as an Executive Coach from HEC Paris. I support leaders, managers, job-seekers and entrepreneurs to develop their inner resources and self-insight. I enjoy enabling individuals to explore, understand and achieve their potential.


I get to the heart of things by being genuine, an active listener, non-judgmental and intuitive. It allows my clients to get a clearer view on their personal behaviors, challenges, resources and wishes. I blend these skills with various proven coaching approaches such as NLP, Transactional analysis, Gestalt, Systemic, and Art Therapy.


I create an environment where individuals can work and grow in an effective and sustainable way. My role is to accelerate the development process and make it reliable. I guide my clients to autonomously find their own solutions.


I create and facilitate workshops to understand and further develop your intuitive capacities for the purpose of decision making, problem solving and communication notably. My mission is to make intuition more accessible and understandable to anyone.

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