Professional Individual Coaching

Do you wish to clarify what you truly want to do next professionally? And how to proceed?

Is it time for you to make a decision and you would like to accelerate the process and make it more reliable?

Do you have conflicts at work or unhealthy conditions that impact your well-being?

Did you loose your job or are you new in Switzerland and need some guidance for exploring your options and design what’s next and fulfilling for you?

Together with active listening and empathetic consideration, I will accompany you in developing your intuitive skills and in positioning yourself coherently. You will be enable to develop your full potential and to implement long-lasting changes.

The Approach

Guided by your intuition, emotions and rational mindset, you will increase self-awareness, envision new perspectives and find the means to achieve your objectives.

The Values


Full confidentiality


Client Testimonials

Grâce à une alliance d’intuition, d’empathie et d’optimisme, Charlotte propose un rôle de «miroir» avec une parfaite distance et un grand professionnalisme. A l’issue d’une introspection efficace et exigeante, j’ai mis en lumière et consolidé mon projet professionnel sur la base d’outils pertinents et concrets proposés par Charlotte. En plus de son expertise et de son humilité, je garde en tête des expressions et/ou des mots clés précieux que je vous invite à découvrir à son contact !

HR Generalist

I worked with Charlotte for coaching in 2017 and was thrilled with the experience and the outcomes. She has a unique and intuition-driven approach to coaching her clients. She’s someone who really and truly listens and adapts to the client needs. We discussed very clearly upfront what I wanted to achieve with the coaching, and from there she ensured that we got there, allowing me the freedom to engage fully in the process while knowing she was keeping an eye on the destination. Charlotte is very genuine, extremely professional, highly skilled and empathetic, asks all the right questions, and applies just the right balance of challenge and support to ensure a coaching process that is effective and rewarding. I can recommend her highly; she helped me tremendously.

International Business Director

Charlotte is the kind of person that knows exactly what questions are needed to get to the next level. Never before have I worked with such a professional and authentic coach. Her tools and methods are solid but also new and exciting. She embodies the topic of intuition, making it useful for business success, personal development and many of life’s challenging situations. I can highly recommend her as a coach, facilitator, professional speaker or trainer!

Professional Trainer
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