Professional Development Coaching

Do you wish to clarify what you truly want to do next professionally? Is it time for you to make a decision and you would like to accelerate the process and make it more reliable? Do you have conflicts at work or unhealthy conditions that impact your well-being? Did you loose your job or are you new in Switzerland and need some guidance for exploring your options? Do you feel the call to try something new or different in your professional life ?

Co-incidence offers coaching as a powerful way to clarify what you truly want. Its methodology helps you unlock obstacles and limiting beliefs so that you can craft your unique and wished vision of your professional future.

What if your intuition was your
most honest friend?

Few of us are able to define it and use it consciously. Intuition is a very intriguing personal experience and provides great support and guidance for your decision making process. Used together with the rational mindset in business, it’s a key investment you can do in your life. As Harvard Business School states “Intuition is the business skill of the future”.

Charlotte Frederiksen

Professional Development Coach

Intuition Speaker & Trainer

HEC Paris Certified

+41 79 195 30 54

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