Charlotte's bio

Working in partnership, my clients explore a deeper self-awareness making an impactful difference in both their professional and personal lives. I believe that together with a rational approach, intuition helps individuals and organizations to focus on what really matters, make effective and meaningful decisions, communicate better, and strengthen their autonomy to make lasting changes.


Created by Charlotte Frederiksen, Co-incidence gathers a network of professionals in Europe and in the US sharing the same values to accompany individuals, groups and organisations to change and develop coherently.
Multi-disciplinary professionals network: ICF, HEC, EMCC certified coachs, experienced trainers, leaders and entrepreneurs.
Multi-tool and approach: Intuition development, Transactional analysis, NLP, Gestalt, Systemic approach
Multilingual coaching and training: English, French, German, Spanish
Coherent approach :
  • Develop individual self-awareness and ressources
  • Explore further one’s potential
  • Define and adjust one’s mission and implement it


Executive Coach – HEC Paris certified (individual and team coaching)
15 years in fast-paced international environments in corporate communications
Intuition Development
Fluent in both English and French, Charlotte supports leaders and managers to develop their inner resources and self-insight. She enables individuals and teams to explore, understand and achieve their potential and mission. She guides her clients to autonomously find their own solutions and implement their long-lasting changes.
Her role is to accelerate the development process and make it reliable.
As an intuition expert, she also creates and facilitates soft skills workshops and trainings about the combination of rational and intuitive mindsets.
 Charlotte has a talent for creating an environment where individuals and groups can work and grow together in an effective and sustainable way. Her clients particularly appreciate her way of getting to the heart of things by being genuine, an active listener, non-judgmental and intuitive. Her expertise and focus areas include:
  • Leadership, performance, intuition and career development
  • Priorities, emotions, stress and conflict management
  • Soft skills improvement including communication and mindfulness 
  • Professional and personal mission identification and implementation
  • Team alignment, performance, vision, co-operation and autonomy
  • Change Management and Organizational Development

Fluent in both French and English, Charlotte holds a master’s degree in Communications and started her career in communication agencies in Paris and in California. She worked for both private and public sector clients such as Unilever and Areva. Based in Basel (Switzerland) since 2005, she worked at DSM Nutritional Products (Global leader in vitamins) for 8 years as External Communications Manager and as Head Communications’ Deputy.

Responsible for developing and implementing communications strategies and programs, she generated media stories, internal content and managed crisis communications and branding campaigns.

Working as a business partner for an executive committee and closely with employees, investors and journalists gave her a solid understanding of the corporate world and its dynamics.

  • Executive Coaching – Formation & Entraînement, Certifié HEC, Paris – FR
  • Management Leadership Program MLP2, Maastricht – NL
  • Public Speaking & Written Communication with Creativity, Stanford University, CA – USA
  • Project Management, University of California Berkeley, CA – USA
  • Institut Supérieur de Communication ISCOM, Paris – FR
  • Business International, La Sorbonne & École Nationale de Commerce, Paris – FR

``There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.`` Stefan Zweig


Throughout my personal and professional experience and the people I met “by lucky chance” on the way, I came to realize that the simple fact of paying more attention to coincidences – also called “synchronicities” by Carl G. Jung – make them happen more often.  Although my MBTI shows a higher level of rational being, there is something magical about this observation. If noticed, coincidences can have significant consequences on individuals. It can allow them to go faster to what really matters.

 The company is called “Co-incidence” as its people believe that together it is interesting, useful and necessary to handle incidents holistically. We position individuals at the center of their environments. Together with active listening and empathetic consideration, we accompany them in developing their intuitive skills and in positioning themselves coherently. It enable them to develop autonomously their full potential and to implement long-lasting changes.